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We are not accepting any new cases at this time.  If testimony is needed for a previous investigation conducted by Sleuth, Inc., feel free to contact us for more information.



Many of the issues confronting companies today are the result of sophisticated agenda-driven attacks from competitors or special interest groups.  Sleuth, Inc. provides competitive intelligence to assist clients with strategies to avoid, deflect or openly challenge premeditated attacks to their brands, reputation and other assets. We have specific expertise in blocking or neutralizing special-interest campaigns and competitor misinformation campaigns with proven investigative solutions.We offer comprehensive research and analysis services that provide clients, both business and political, with the insights needed to understand the competitive or political marketplace, profile opponents and allies, plot strategy, exploit opportunities and avoid attacks.

International Association of

Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts

Stay ahead of your competition with our competitive intelligence services. American business interests must learn to operate in this increasingly high risk, technically sophisticated, asymmetric threat environment. Sleuth, Inc. has specific expertise in intelligence collection, special investigations, due diligence, security and legal support services.